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Learn about the advantages of our lf11 fresnel collector for solar process heat and direct steam generation. It can also be used along with a secondary concentrator in photovoltaic applications. The book closes a gap in solar concentrator design, and descri. Comparative study of fresnel lenses and mirrors in concentrated. A conceptual representation of a solar concentrator used in harnessing the power from the sun to generate electricity is shown in figure 1. Wed like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. This paper presents a proposal of a new configuration of an optical concentrator for photovoltaic application which may enhance the efficiency of solar cells. Solar concentrator modules with siliconeonglass fresnel. The fresnel principle the linear fresnel reflector technology receives its name from the fresnel lens, which was developed. Fucas lot of 12 credit card sized magnifying lenses. Calculations using the youngmaggirubinowicz theory of diffraction yield analytical expressions for the amount of light spilling outside these target areas due to. The book closes a gap in solar concentrator design, and describes nonimaging refractive optics and its numerical mathematics. Pdf concept of beeeyes array of fresnel lenses as a.

This study presents the design analysis of a fresnel lens concentrating pv cell which consists of a small linear fresnel lens and a strip pv cell. High concentration photovoltaics hcpv with diffractive. This book offers a detailed and comprehensive account of the engineering of the worlds first nonimaging fresnel lens solar concentrator. Solar concentrator modules with siliconeonglass fresnel lens panels and multijunction cells valery d. Recent developments have focused on smaller units to supplement thermal power stations and to provide heat for industrial processes.

Fresnel lens solar cooker steves i found a rear projection tv see construction section below, took out the 2 foot by 4 foot fresnel lens and made this solar cooker. A novel genetically themed hierarchical algorithm gtha has been investigated to design fresnel lens solar concentrators that match with the distinct energy input and spatial geometry of various thermal applications. By concentrating solar power onto solar cells, they can increase the amount of sun striking the solar cell, and allow a relatively small amount of silicon photovoltaic pv. Real suntracking linear solar concentrators imperfectly follow the solar disc, opera tionally sustaining both transverse and axial misalignments.

Solar concentrator fresnel lenses were originally developed for concentrating photovoltaic cpv application. Conceptual design study of a 5 kilowatt brayton power. This fresnel lens is intended for use in evacuated tube type solar concentrators, generating midtemperature heat to drive sorption cycles, or provide industrial process heat. This special fresnel lens, 4 array fresnel solar concentrator optical acrylic lens for green energy and ecofriendly power is a lowcost, lightweight optical material used for focusing sunlight to solar panels to ensure operation under highflux density. Applicationbased design of the fresnel lens solar concentrator. The acrylic componentcalled a lightguide solar optic lsois a new type of solar concentrator that could significantly lower the cost of generating electricity from the sun. Fresnel lenstype energy concentrator for spacebased solar po3 wer systems article no. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the overall effectiveness of a smallscale, low cost, versatile solar concentrator suitable for the needs of single individuals. Using matlab for the design and evaluation of the fresnel. A fresnel lens is a lens with multiple refracting planes designed to improve the concentration of light coming from many different angles onto a single point or line. Fresnel lenses are widely used in concentrating photovoltaic cpv systems as primary optical elements focusing sunlight onto small solar cells or onto entrance apertures of secondary optical elements attached to the solar cells.

Solar fresnel lens solar concentrator for ecofriendly power. Pdf applicationbased design of the fresnel lens solar concentrator. We make the big fresnel lens for solar concentrating. Ultralight stretched fresnel lens solar concentrator for. Mirrors vs fresnel lenses for concentrating solar power. The contents follow a systems approach that is absent in standard handbooks of. A unique ultralight solar concentrator has recently been developed for space power applications. Design and machining of fresnel solar concentrator surfaces article pdf available in international journal of precision technology 34.

Pdf fresnel lens is found to simplify the system structure and enhance the performance of photovoltaic systems. It has been called the invention that saved a million ships. Linear fresnel systems and the future for concentrated. Fresnel lens type energy concentrator for spacebased solar po3 wer systems article no. Solar concentrators an overview sciencedirect topics. Pdf sizing down the dimensions of solar concentrators for photovoltaic applications offers a number of promising advantages.

Renewable energy resources, solar energy, solar concentrator. Yag ceramic, this paper addresses itself to the study of convex fresnel lens focus. These lenses are also used as a solar energy concentrator for. Pdf design and machining of fresnel solar concentrator surfaces. Abstracta nonevacuated collector consisting of a linear fresnel lens and a second stage concentrator of the. Design and analysis of a highefficiency, costeffective. So to say that this technology is not feasible for large scale use is not correct and time may come if that above mentioned power generation goes smoothly, the. Modeling and experimental evaluation of a smallscale. Design and optimization may be performed using comprehensive system simulation tools, but before investing in the effort to build a complete virtual model framework, much insight can be gathered beforehand by. Concentrated solar energy applications using fresnel lenses. Unfollow solar fresnel lense to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

Design analysis of a fresnel lens concentrating pv cell. In a parabolic solar trough concentrator, the crosssection of the reflector is parabolic, whereas in a linear fresnel concentrator the reflector has fresnel shape it is a continuous surface of a parabolic crosssection of the same curvature, with stepwise discontinuities between them. Concentrated solar power csp, also known as concentrating solar power, concentrated solar thermal systems generate solar power by using mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a receiver. Augustinjean fresnel inventor lighthouse 1825 first lens application history fresnel basic concept lens concentric prismshaped grooves imaging tvs, cameras, telescopes concentrated photovoltaics efficient but costly under research hightemperature applications melting, solar cooking under research applications. A novel nonimaging fresnellensbased solar concentratorreceiver system has been investigated to achieve highefficiency photon and heat outputs with minimized effect of chromatic aberrations. Concentrated solar power systems have until recently focused on bulk electricity production, with the main focus on solar towers and trough type collectors. The solar concentrator fresnel lenses are designed with the plano side to face the sun parallel light source, and the fresnel surface to face photovoltaic cells focus. Pdf design and machining of fresnel solar concentrator.

Ultimately, the cost of solar cell is several times lower than normal capacity, which provides maximum benefits to the user. The figure explains output of solar panel without using fresnel lens, the highest power of 26. Pdf miniaturization of fresnel lenses for solar concentration. A conventional linear fresnel solar concentrator comprises reflectors that may be flat or slightly parabolic, with. Unlike the previous fresnel lens solar concentrator system 8 that positioned the lens at its focal point 1. Pdf applicationbased design of the fresnel lens solar.

Solar energy concentration technology using fresnel lens is an effective way to make full use of sunlight. The cutting edge design of fresnel lens and solar panels generates superior amount of electricity, with customized lens size and incidence angle. Fresnel lens solar concentrators continue to fulfill a market requirement as a system component in high volume cost effective concentrating photovoltaic cpv electricity generation. Solar concentrators rensselaer polytechnic institute. Pdf abstract a novel genetically themed hierarchical algorithm gtha has been investigated to design fresnel lens solar concentrators that match with. The concentrator surface uses parabolic geometry to focus the solar rays on a point of concentration, distance known as focal distance. The solar concentration characteristics, including defocusing sen sitivities, of a perfectly tracking, line focusing fresnel lens have been analyzed during this study afid reported in detail in reference l. Two types of nonimaging fresnel lenses, a spotflat lens and a domeshaped lens, are designed through a statistical algorithm incorporated in matlab. High performance fresnelbased photovoltaic concentrator.

The overall efficiency of fresnel lens solar concentrator is around 51% and can generate process steam required in the industry. Rumyantsev, solar concentrator modules with siliconeonglass fresnel lens panels and multijunction cells, opt. Simple and inexpensive materials were chosen for the construction of the tracking. Solar cell capacity improvement using fresnel lens. The study of performance of fresnel lens solar concentrator and steam generation using fresnel lens solar concentrator is presented in this paper. Solar dynamic brayton power system using a dome fresnel lens solar concentrator mark j. Electricity is generated when the concentrated light is converted to heat solar thermal energy, which drives a heat engine usually a steam turbine connected to an electrical power. The light incident on the fresnel lens is focused onto a tight focal point, and the small solar cell is placed at this focus. Solar concentrator fresnel lens sensor fresnel lens. This report details an analysis of the solar concentration performance of a linefocusing, flat base fresnel lens in the presence of small transverse tracking errors. Study of performance of fresnel lens solar concentrator.

Nonimaging fresnel lenses design and performance of. Solar concentrator modules with siliconeon glass fresnel. However, both fresnel lens and parabolic dish concentrating pv systems need to be accompanied by a high accuracy suntracking system. Solar concentrator modules with siliconeon glass fresnel lens. Collectors based on the linear fresnel reflector design are leading the pack. However, the high cost of multijunction solar cells 57 leads to the price. Fresnel lens solar concentrator design and spectral. Impact of the location of a solar cell in relationship to. It is shown that the output solar panel using fresnel lens, for the highest power of. Basic heat transfer analysis of each application decides its solar energy requirement. If these advantages are sufficiently strong in relation to the lower solartoelectric efficiency, than fresnel power plants represent an interesting alternative to parabolic trough power plants. A solar concentrator diy can seem like the easiest thing in the world if someone else is doing the hard work a guy who calls himself grant thompson used a fresnel lens from a dismantled old toshiba projection tv and shows the world on youtube how his diy solar concentrator can scorch nearly anything from pennies and concrete to eggs. The size of the solar lens is 1040mm x 780mm, thickness is 3mm.

A novel nonimaging fresnel lens based solar concentrator receiver system has been investigated to achieve highefficiency photon and heat outputs with minimized effect of chromatic aberrations. It is necessary to analysize the spectral distribution of sun light on focal spot as well as its condenser ratio, both in the study of the different quantum efficiency of photoelectric materials and the different spectral absorption coefficient for the laser medium. Rumyantsev1 1ioffe physical technical institute, 26 polytechnicheskaya str. Secondary optics for fresnel lens solar concentrators. Some people use the same principle when they use a magnifying lens to focus the suns rays on. Solar concentrator is a device that allows the collection of sunlight from a large area and focusing it on a smaller receiver or exit. The concentrator comprises a flexible, 140micronthick, linefocus fresnel lens, made in a continuous process from spacequalified transparent silicone rubber material. Though it is not common to use fresnel lenses for electricity generation but 100 mw power plant is nearing completion in rajasthan state of india using linear fresnel lens technology. Design and evaluation of the fresnellens based solar. Osa light diffraction by concentrator fresnel lenses.

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