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Published in 1942, it has been in print ever since. For 12yearold peter lundstrom, the norwegian winter of 1940 begins like any other. The book snow treasure by marie mcswigan is a historicalfiction book about a boy named peter that had to save his country of norway because the germans were invading them. It is 1940 in norway, a neutral, peaceloving country that is invaded by nazi germany. The book includes a brief account of a norwegian freighter that arrived in baltimore in 1940 with a cargo of gold bullion, reputedly smuggled past the germans by children on their sleds. Great books my books reading books kids reading guided reading country treasures childrens literature literature circles livros. The book was made into a movie of the same name in 1968. Treasures of the snow the institute for creation research.

The book was published in multiple languages including english, consists of 232 pages and is available in paperback format. Nobody thought the nazis could be defeateduntil uncle victor told peter how the children could fool the enemy. Plot summary to keep their countrys gold from the nazis, shortly after hitlers forces had taken over poland, the adults of riswyk, norway, hid it in a cave they made from snow and ice. Will the village children be able to fool the suspicious nazis. If you loved the book heidi as a child, then you will love treasures of the snow. Disneys storytime treasures library by na and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. In 1940, when the nazi invasion of norway reaches their village in the far north, twelveyearold peter and his friends use their sleds to transport nine million dollars worth of gold bullion past the german soldiers to the secret harbor where peters uncle keeps his ship ready to take the gold for safekeeping in the united states. Free download or read online treasures of the snow pdf epub book. The main characters of this fiction, christian story are annette bernier. Set in nazioccupied norway during world war ii, it recounts the story of several norwegian children who use sleds to smuggle their countrys gold bullion past german guards to a waiting ship, the cleng peerson. Snow treasure book report form pdf file customize the snow treasure book report snow treasure. I read the book in my childhood and wanted to share it with my grandson. Tell students that they will read a book called snow treasure, a story about how the bravery of a group of children helps in the fight against a terrible enemy. I remember reading it in 3rd grade and i was so impressed.

Her first book was a biography of the primitive painter john kane, who became popular after his death on account of mcswigans book. A gang of norwegian children do what norwegian children like best ski. Learn snow treasure with free interactive flashcards. This is despite the fact that jobs homeland was in what is now essentially a desert region. Like heidi, treasures of the snow takes place upon the steep mountain slopes of the swiss alps, and like heidi the story is set during simpler times. Juvenile fiction, fiction, courage, world war, 19391945, history. When he isnt in school, he spends the cold days outside, going sledding in the deep snow of his mountain village. It meant risking their countrys treasureand their lives. But all around him, the adults are talking about the war that is raging through much of europe. Comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more.

Its within this idyllic setting that annette vows to never forgive lucien for his part in her little brothers accident that left little dani lame. The introduction states that they have not been able to prove this story, although many people believed it to be true. Buy a cheap copy of snow treasure book by marie mcswigan. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. This classic story of how a group of children outwitted the nazis and sent the treasure to. Her most famous novel was snow treasure which was also made into a successful movie. Record the proper heading for the days assignment before recording answers. From this rumor, mary mcswigan tells a riveting tale of adventure and courage that gives young readers a taste of life inside the artic circle, and. Introduce snow treasure by marie mcswigan by discussing the definition of an enemy and talking about the historical context of the book with these guiding activities. One day uncle victor warns that german soldiers will invade soon. Marie mcswigan how a group of norwegian children managed to get blocks of gold out of norway during the world war. Read snow treasure pdf in the bleak winter of 1940, nazi troops parachuted into peter lindstroms tiny norwegian village and held it captive. Pdf snow treasure read full ebook video dailymotion.

In the bleak winter of 19 0, nazi troops parachuted into peter lundstroms tiny norwegian village and held it captive. They had to slip past nazi guards with nine million dollars in gold hidden on their sleds. The book says that it is based on true events that are believed to have taken place in norway during wwii. Displaying all worksheets related to snow treasure. With paul austad, tina austad, wilfred breistrand, james franciscus. Marie mcswigans exciting snow treasure is based on the tale a norwegian ship captain told as he unloaded a cargo of gold in baltimore. Worksheets are snow treasure, snow treasure questions and answers, all in one snow treasure tx, snow treasure, codings hc high level content lc low level content lpr, winter treasure hunt clues, phillip hall likes me, activity guide. Snow treasure by marie mcswigan is historical fiction based on the real life accounts of the children of norway who helped to smuggle out the nations gold reserves under the noses of the occupying german military during world war ii. Peter, his friend michael, and other kids in their school have to hide all of norways gold so that his uncle victor can store it in a safe place from the germans. They are actually rescuing norwegian gold from the. She was an award winning writer of more than 10 childrens books.

Snow treasure here is how to complete the reading assignments for snow treasure. She died of leukemia in 1962 and is buried in pittsburgh. The only trouble is it relies on peter and his friends. Snow treasure by marie mcswigan is a wonderful book about brave kids who take on adult responsibilities during dangerous times. Peter and his friends are easy to relate to and seem like typical kids you would find anywhere. Snow treasure by marie mcswigana discussion guide and. Explain that the book shows what people, even children, can accomplish in a time of need. Find books like snow treasure from the worlds largest community of readers. Based on a true story, this heroic tale, set in norway during world war ii, follows a group of courageous schoolchildren who outwit the invading nazis by sledding. Goodreads members who liked snow treasure also liked. This book changed the way i think of what books to read now. When peter told his father that he had seen his uncle victor, his father. The first edition of the novel was published in 1950, and was written by patricia st. Free snow treasure study unit worksheets for teachers to print.

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